2:1 COaching

Performance Coaching Hyper Focused on Confidence, Behavior, Productivity, Sales, Mindset. 

What's Included

1 hour 1x per week for 26 weeks including an intake and a wrap-up session

A dedicated one-hour session each week for 26 weeks, encompassing both an initial intake session and a concluding wrap-up session to ensure comprehensive support throughout the coaching journey. Coaching sessions are offered by either JB or The Doctor, This structured approach ensures consistent guidance and reflection for optimal progress and development.

Our Professional Planner

Our Professional Planner provides clients with a comprehensive organizational tool tailored to their coaching journey, facilitating goal-setting, progress tracking, and task management. It is a valuable resource for maximizing productivity and accountability throughout the coaching process.

Access to our 2x Your Time Course

Our '2x Your Time Course' empowers clients with strategies to optimize time management and efficiency, doubling their productivity. This course equips individuals with practical skills to make the most of their time, ensuring they achieve their goals with greater ease and effectiveness.


Our 2:1 Coaching boasts a range of benefits, promising to accelerate sales, enhance productivity, and reduce stress for our clients. Additionally, we prioritize improving overall wellness and well-being, ensuring a comprehensive approach to personal and professional growth. With our tailored support, individuals can expect holistic development and success in both their professional and personal endeavors.




ENHANCED Productivity


Improve wellness and wellbeing

ImproveD wellness and wellbeing

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