What sets us apart

We are JB and the Doctor
and this is Mastery with Science!

What do you get when you combine a financial guru and master presenter with a behavioral expert with a Doctorate in Psychology? Two high performance coaches for service based professionals and entrepreneurs. Hyper focused on improving presentation and positioning, powering up productivity, and supercharging sales.

Using our proven method, Mastery with Science, we provide both the HOW and the WHY. Don’t just settle for anyONE. Working with JB and The Doctor ensures you get TWO experts, with complementary skills, that have actually been there and done that. JB and The Doctor offer the very best results, forged through experience and backed by science.

Introducing Our Team

JB and The Doctor

JB -
Josh Blum


Hi, I’m JB co-founder of JB and The Doctor. 

I co-founded my first company in college and built a wildly successful sales career before deciding to help people like you tap their own inner potential.  I individually and as a team member have closed over half a billion, with a B, dollars of sales in just my first 10 years of my career.  I was trained as a master presenter, a consultative sales partner and have given thousands of presentations and sales pitches in my career to people of all sophistication levels and at different levels of wealth.  I’ve partnered with people managing hundreds of millions of dollars and worked alongside people with only a few thousand dollars to their names.  I’ve educated some of the most credentialed financial advisors in the country, attorneys, CPAs and everyday people.  I’ve worked within the largest financial institutions in the world and have countless insider secrets in the financial services world I want to share with you

More importantly I’ve learned to realize that all of that success can really be attributed to how I work with people not attributed solely to any given expertise on a subject.  Yes, of course you need to be competent at what you do.  Highly competent if you want to be highly successful.  But the very best out there are more than competent, they’re focused and they’re aware.  It’s why I’m absolutely confident that I can help you excel at anything you’re trying to accomplish, because I can help you identify your blind spots, help you shift your focus to what matters and provide you the insight you need to propel yourself to that image of who you want to be and where you want to be.  Give yourself to the count of three.  On three I want you to picture yourself.  You’ve got everything you want. 1, 2, 3.  Where are you?  What are you doing?  How do you feel?  The only change to get from here to there?  It starts now.  

The Doctor -
Dr. Andre Caruso


Have you achieved your full level of awesomeness?

Having to work is a huge part of life. Imagine enjoying your job more, while also being present in your own life, and connecting more with friends and family. Visualize not experiencing burnout, being overwhelmed with stress or having a work-life balance out of whack. Ready to make that your reality? I specialize in assisting professionals in becoming more efficient, learning new tools to excel and achieving a true work-life balance. My strategies are created from a combination of lived experience, proven science and years of studying to become an expert on behavior. 

A little about me and my background. I started my career in the hospitality arena. I spent over a decade managing and consulting with top restaurants and clubs. It was there that I really started to learn and understand people’s behaviors. It was also my introduction to how to run a successful business with tight margins and how to balance all the politics involved. It was truly learning through the fire. I wanted to know more! The reasons behind why we do certain things, what makes us tick. Plus, I have always had an interest in helping people. So I went on to earn my doctorate in clinical psychology. 

My vast executive and clinical experience, includes my time as the COO of a non-profit organization and the Vice Principal of a school for special needs children. Prior to that, as Director of Training, I helped train and shape the minds of interns and practicum students from multiple local graduate programs. In addition, I was responsible for Program Development and Oversight. Some of those treatment programs included: Traumatic Brain Injury, Developmentally Disabled, Life Enhancement (geriatric), and Pediatric cognitive retraining. I am currently the executive director of a group private practice and co-founder of JB and The Doctor.