3 Reasons to Use Acting in Business

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We hear a lot about authenticity, and we are big believers in being yourself. However, there are instances where we need to act, or play a role in our business to be successful. That is not just, ok, we should embrace it! Here are 3 great reasons to use acting in business!

Reason 1: You need to build a culture

Great businesses care about their employees not just their customers. For a business to have a strong and healthy team, it needs a culture and value system that the employees can get behind. Sometimes when a business leader needs to develop a culture, they need to take a leadership role and act in line with the community values even if it’s not in line with the leaders wants. This is a great example of needing to take on the role of leader and act in a way consistent with company values and culture.

Reason 2: It’s about everyone else

Great leaders recognize that having a customer centric business is essential to success. We need to be able to meet customer needs and make life easier on our customers. Sometimes that means we need to act in a way that disarms our customers. Acting in this way is providing a service for your customers since you’re helping them make a decision that solves their problems. The platinum rule is to treat others the way they want to be treated, not the way you want to treat them.

Reason 3: Full honesty may cause friction

We are strong believers in honesty. However, we also believe strongly in not always talking. Sometimes the right decision is to say nothing at all or to guard our words. Blunt honesty is a great virtue but it’s something few people respond to well. In instances where a little tact and compassion can go a long way, it’s often in our best interest to act if we’re debating between blunt criticism and/or honesty and a more compassionate response.

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