Creating An Authentic Story To Brand, Market and Sell

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab - Creating An Authentic Story To Brand, Market and Sell

Stories have power. Stories can teach, persuade, energize and move. Stories are a fundamental part of human history and storytelling is an essential business skill to master. When it comes to storytelling, it’s not just about laying down a good story. It’s about creating an authentic story. In this article we’ll discuss some tips to create an authentic story so your brand can be remembered, your audience can find you and your prospects want to buy from you.

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What’s the deal with authentic storytelling, and how do I do it? It’s a key piece of any business or professional service…it’s what sets you apart! Nobody else can have your authentic story. The magic is in bringing it to life!

Start with…


Facing your fear! Authentic storytelling begins with our human story. Not just the good. Not just the brag. The dirty, the vulnerable, the things that cause shame and remorse. By facing our fear we can share some of the more vulnerable parts of our stories and that authenticity will always shine through. Be bold and unafraid.

Make sure you…


Tell your story with passion. This is your story. It’s your life, your dream, your vision. If you don’t have passion when you’re telling your story, you also won’t have an audience. Nobody wants to listen to a deadpan story. Be vested and present in your story while you tell it. People respond to passion!

Bring it back…


We are all guilty of forgetfulness. When crafting a great story there should be a bridge from the beginning to the end. Think of it like a circle. Tell a story in a circle where the beginning meets the end. The past is set next to the present. Do this and, in the future, your audience will continue to remember your story!

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