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Entrepreneur Mastery Lab - How To Say No

Do you struggle with saying no? It’s a common issue for many people. Especially if you are being asked by people you don’t want to disappoint! For those of you that can use some help let’s dive into a few ways you can improve on and learn how to say no!

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Set Boundaries Up Front

A great challenge with saying no is it feels like we’re rejecting someone else. One of the easiest ways to avoid this is to set boundaries early and up front. That way if you need to say ‘no,’ you have already communicated what your boundaries are and use those as a mutually understood reason.

Don’t Try to Explain

Saying no is hard. It can come with a need to explain as well. To get better at saying ‘no,’ do it quickly, cleanly and don’t try to explain. It usually is unnecessary. Keeping to a short and simple ‘no’ will make it easier than also trying to come up with an explanation.

Ask For Time to Decide

When someone asks you something you want to say ‘no’ to, we can often feel pressure to respond immediately. By changing your default response to ‘let me think about it,’ you give yourself the chance to really make a better decision and be thoughtful in your response.

What are your tips for saying ‘no?’ Let us know in the lab!

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