How To Stand Out In A Saturated Industry

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab - How To Stand Out In A Saturated Industry

You’re in a crowded room.  It’s loud.  You can barely hear the person across from you.  They can barely hear you.  Your throat is getting sore, you’re starting to feel frustration sink in and you know that there’s no way you’re going to be able to make any sort of real impression.  Welcome to business in today’s world!  If you’re struggling to stand out in a saturated industry, it can feel like what we just described.  In this blog we’ll offer a couple of ideas to help you stand out in a crowded room so you don’t feel like you have to shout until you’re hoarse!

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Idea #1 

It’s not about reinventing the wheel; it’s about telling your story in a different way.  Successful businesses put the customer first, especially the customer needs.  The next time you need to stand out tell a story about your customer win’s.  Make it all about the customer, the ideal avatar and not about your business.  Share how a customer problem was solved and THEN you can talk about how you were able to solve it better than someone else!

Idea #2

You are unique.  What makes you unique is your value.  Nobody else offers the same exact experience that you offer.  In a world where products and services are commoditized, if you want to stand out, your unique story needs to fulfill something to your customers and prospects that no one else is fulfilling.  Again, this is about your customers, however, what is unique to you is what can best serve your customers.  Magnifying this and crafting a strong story around it will help you stand out and cut through the noise!

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