Opening The Door To Opportunity

Opening The Door To Opportunity

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca

If you want more luck in your life than look no further than inside you. Our ability to identify and be aware of opportunity is the #1 difference between those who have ‘luck’ and those that do not. We’re not talking about the luck of the draw, but it is easy enough to recognize we can’t win the lotto if we don’t buy a ticket. If you want to open the door to more opportunity than keep on reading as we are going to offer some simple tips on how to get better at identifying opportunities in your life!

6 Methods To Make Sure Your Business Doesn't Fail

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Our conversation with Dan Nunez of Kloze Mortgage is the inspiration for this blog.  Dan embodies the type of person with their eyes and ears always open for opportunity.  You can listen in to the replay of our conversation on our podcast here, or you can watch it on our Youtube channel!

1. Be promotion focuses not prevention focused

The Doctor would describe this as a fixed vs a growth mindset. If you aren’t familiar, all you need to do is check out our time management course (link at the bottom of the blog). Promotion focused means you’re focused on the benefit and the gains of a situation rather than about the consequences of failure. Harvard Business Review wrote about this

2. Contacts = Contracts

Meet more people. You heard us right, all you need to do is meet more people to open the door to more opportunities. As so simply put it Contacts = Contracts. The more people you meet the more opportunities will open themselves up to you!

There are a number of other simple steps can we take to open ourselves up to opportunity. If you’re curious for more, reach out to us! We love answering your questions from the Entrepreneur Mastery Lab. If you’d like to join us and other professionals that are striving to get better every day, you can access the group here!

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