The Influence Of Mindset

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab - The Influence Of Mindset

Mindset can have great influence on who we are and what we achieve. If you didn’t check out our weekly newsletter on this topic, shoot us a note and we’ll send you a one off. We explore how the concept of our thoughts being our existence first came into the world of philosophy all the way nearly 500 years ago!

But enough about philosophy, here is the simple truth. Our beliefs and our thoughts drive our actions. Our actions, our beliefs and our thoughts are who we are in this world. It’s no more complicated than that.

Here’s proof. Who do you believe you are? What do you think you’re good at? What do you think you’re bad at? When you do the things that you believe you’re good at, are you good at them? When you do the things you think you’re bad at, are you bad at them?

Even if you were wonderful at the things you thought you were bad at, if you believed strongly enough you were bad, if you thought strongly enough you were bad, even objective observers would start to be persuaded that you were bad.

In fact, the power of thought is so strong that even something you carry expertise in can be cast into doubt with the smallest of questions. Have you ever been asked a question about something you at any other time would be 100% positive about? Something you knew so certainly that you’d bet your life on it? Then all of a sudden, that certainty is questioned and now you’re doubting your own knowledge that you would have bet your life on at another time.

This happens to people all of the time. It’s perfectly natural and it’s also perfectly indicative of how strongly our thoughts influence who we are. Are we an expert, or are we a fraud? Do we know this for certain, or do we doubt our own expertise?

Our mindset is an enormous driver of our success in our professional and our personal lives. Mindset is at the core of everything we do in the Lab and is central to our beRICH mindset and a foundation part of our process, Mastery With Science.

Every day we have an opportunity to be aware of and control our own internal narrative. We think, therefore we are and we are what we think. How you let your mindset influence you will influence, impact and control how you show up every day in your own life and the lives of the people around you.

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You can also listen in to our most recent podcast with special guest, Suzanne Taylor of Taylord Consulting. Suzanne is a practitioner of Positive Psychology and helps her clients combat the self-sabotage of negative self talk and harmful mindsets!

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