Why We Prioritize Sleep

The hustle culture is great. But there’s a reason we talk about HUSTLE 256. There are serious issues in the hustle culture, one of which we take umbrage to is how people and the culture treats sleep. In the article below we’ll discuss why we prioritize sleep, and you should too!

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Sleep is essential to every process and function in the body. Go long enough without sleep and you’ll face serious consequences. 

Here are 3 HUGE reasons why sleep should be prioritized.

Tip 1 – Keep Your Emotions Under Control

Tantrums, mood swings, depression, suicide, risky behavior…they are all more likely when dealing with less sleep. In business, keeping our emotions in check is an essential skill. It’s not that we think business shouldn’t have emotions, it’s that we believe emotions need to be harnessed appropriately.

Tip 2 – Improved Brain Function 

Studies have shown 24 hours without sleep behind the wheel of a car leads to the same level of impairment as drinking and driving. Reaction times, problems solving, and clarity of thought are all negatively impacted by lack of sleep.

Tip 3 – Prevent Chronic Illness

Lose enough sleep and your ability to stave off illness and several serious diseases such as heart disease, kidney disease, and others is impacted. Those of us sleep deprived are 55% more likely to end up obese. Think sleep doesn’t influence your ability to stay healthy and top of your game? It does, big time!

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