Consistency Makes You Elite, Here’s Why!

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab - Consistency Makes You Elite, Here’s Why!

Kobe Bryant will go down as one of the most electrifying basketball players of all time. He’s got his own Mamba Mindset which has transcended his death and inspires people daily! Kobe was known for his refusal to quit and his willingness to put in the effort. Although a superstar, Bryant still practiced 6 hours a day and wouldn’t quit practice until he had made 400 shots. He was typically the first player in the gym. Kobe earned his elite status, and he did it through consistency. Consistency will make you elite and in the rest of the blog we’ll explain why!

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Here’s our top reasons why consistency will make you elite!

The Motions Become Second Nature

In professional athletes, practice is easy to see. We see the same consistent swings, throws, catches, movements, and we see the results, typically in the moment itself. In business, practice isn’t so easy to see. The truth is, most professionals and businesses don’t practice at all. They just start swinging, throwing, and catching, or the business equivalent. But practice is essential. To knowing your messaging, to your brand, to your presentations and elevator pitches all the way to objection handling. The only way to make these business movements second nature is by consistently practicing. You do this and you’ll never stumble over your value, your services or your prospect objections again.

Consistency Sets Expectations and Comfort

Do you love Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts? Do you find yourself consistently going back? Whether you love them or not, there’s a good chance you go back to one or the other consistently. The reason? They have set your expectations and they consistently meet them! You may not love either of them but chances are, if there is a coffee shop you’re going to stop at you’re likely to choose one over the other. That reason has more to do with consistency than you’d expect. Elite businesses and elite professionals practice consistency to provide a customer experience that customers can depend on. When people can depend on you to do what you say on a regular basis, this creates comfort. What do we all crave and enjoy? Comfort!  

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