5 Essential Tips To Build A Successful Community

THE 6 METHODS TO MAKE SURE IT'S YOUR COMPETITION FAILING AND NOT YOUBuilding a successful community isn’t always easy.  Here are 5 essential tips to build a successful community you won’t want to skip over!

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1. Know who you want


Believe it or not, building a community means being as intentional about who we DON’T let in as who we do let in. Just grabbing anyone to build a community hurts more than it helps. Sure numbers and volume look good but if that person doesn’t share the values, doesn’t intend to be a part of the community and isn’t active, they end up taking more than they give. 

2. Give

 If we want to build a community, it’s important to understand that we all need to lead by example. Whatever the binding elements of your community are, we must be deliberate and we must be front in center showing everyone in the community that we embrace the shared values of the group.

3. Know your community

 People join a community because they have a shared belief or value system. We all want to identify with other people, and we want to be accepted. To make sure we have a successful community make sure to know what is important for the community to share. Those common threads are what will form unbreakable bonds in a group!


4. Let people go

Life isn’t static and we all change. What’s important to us today may not be as important to us tomorrow. As important as it is to bring people into a community it’s just as important to let people go. If someone isn’t a good for the community you’re developing, wish them the best and help them move on to someplace that they want to be.

5. Evolve

Communities will change over time. Whenever we get a large group of people together, it’s natural for the groupthink to lead a community to a different place from where it started. By keeping a close eye on our communities, we can identify when we see shifts and evolutions happening. Instead of fighting a change, consider if it’s to the communities benefit first. If it is then we have an opportunity to help pave the road for a successful shift in our communities!

This blog was inspired by our recent podcast interview with Mark Bowness, a master community builder! You can listen in to our podcast here, or if you prefer you can also check it out on our Youtube channel right here!

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