3 Viral Tips to Master Post Covid, In Person Networking

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab - Post Covid In Person Networking

Congratulations! You’re ready to get back out there, things are opening back up and it’s time to dust off the shoes and get back to in person networking. There’s only one problem. The rules have changed! Here are 3 Viral tips you can use to master networking in a post-covid world!

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1. Be Prepared


There’s more to think about today than in the past. Our first tip is simple but effective, and will protect you against getting shut out or shut down for in person events. Some of the best ways to be prepared are to have a copy of your vaccination card handy, carry a mask (ideally, 2) and consider carrying a travel size purell or anti-bacterial wipes with you. A little preparation will bring you a LONG way when it comes to networking post-covid.

2. Say Hello, the right way


In the past if we showed up to a networking event and introduced ourselves to someone without a handshake….you dropped the ball. This would be even worse than a dead-fish handshake. Today, we need to think twice. Plenty of people were, in the closet, privately, against shaking hands PRE covid. Now that we’ve worked through a pandemic there are a ton of people who have no interest in shaking your hand. It’s in our best interest to ask each other how we’d like to be greeted with a handshake, fist bump, elbow bump or simply a polite hello. Following this one tip will help make us all more comfortable together and indicate a sign of respect for the person we’re meeting.

3. Be Strategic


One of our favorite aspects of networking post covid is the amount of data we have ahead of time. Nowadays it’s tough to find a networking event that doesn’t have a meet up, social media event, RSVP list, etc. Today more than ever we can find out ahead of time who is going to an event and who is likely to be there. It means we can be more strategic in our goals, our activity and the type of person we want to see at a networking event. Shotgun blast networking isn’t nearly as effective as intentional networking where we walk away with a strong introduction to just a couple to a handful of people that can help us achieve our goals. Be strategic and be more effective!

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