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We all matter. We all want to be heard. Every one of us has a different perspective from everyone else. How do we make sure that our message is being heard? One of the best ways to be heard is to be transparent and be relatable.

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In our most recent podcast, we chatted PR and personal branding with Liana Zavo of ZavoMedia Group. One of the top takeaways from our conversation is that people want to relate. They want to identify with you and they want you to be open with them. Many business owners struggle with finding their voice and then once they have found their voice, finding ears to listen to it! If you’d like to learn how to have more people hear you, you’ll want to listen in to our conversation with Liana. Liana went from a single mom, college drop out to CEO of a global PR firm and a large part of her story focuses on transparency and relatability! You can listen to the episode here.

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As business owners and professionals, it’s often difficult to be transparent. After all, being vulnerable is scary. When you find yourself in this struggle, ask yourself what is more scary for your prospects and clients. Is it more scary for your clients and prospects to work with someone that is willing to fully put themselves out there, or is it more scary for your clients and prospects to guess about what you’re truly like?

The thing is, people are smart. They know you’re not perfect. They know you have a past. Heck, they can go google it in a matter of minutes and learn all about your background if they’d like to. The hard and simple truth is you can be up front with people from the get-go and you can be honest and you can be relatable, or you can choose not to be. But if you look at it from your clients and prospects perspectives, chances are you’ll recognize that you’re letting your own fear take center stage of addressing a fear of your clients and prospects. Putting yourself in front of the people you serve is almost always a mistake and will almost certainly hurt you more than it helps.

If you’d like to earn the trust of your clients and prospects you need to be transparent and you need to be relatable. The next time you struggle with this, remind yourself that it’s not about you, it’s about the people you serve. What is most important to them? It might just help you take that extra step to be even more transparent and relatable. When you do that, you’ll start getting heard even more!

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