Why It’s Important to Address Failure Directly

Failure is inevitable and it’s not a bad thing. We look at failure as a negative and yet, in the grand experiment that is life and business, failure is an absolute certainty. Everyone experiences failure and it’s often the best learning experience for us. Failure can be the best teacher and should be embraced. In

How to be authentic without being cancelled

How to be authentic without being cancelled

Cancel culture is very real and can be very dangerous. No one is immune to the court of public opinion and everyone out there faces a risk of censorship or, worse, full on cancelling anytime they put themselves out there. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be authentic and shouldn’t voice our opinion, but there is

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Be Transparent and Be Relatable

We all matter. We all want to be heard. Every one of us has a different perspective from everyone else. How do we make sure that our message is being heard? One of the best ways to be heard is to be transparent and be relatable. Before we discuss how to be relatable, did you