Collaboration – The Hidden Benefits

In a hyper competitive world, how do we find success? How do we differentiate, disrupt and displace the existing marketplace and market leaders?

One significant method? Good, solid, teamwork. Teamwork develops a lot of very tangible benefits. For example, we are all probably aware that we have strengths and weaknesses. Being on a team means that I find someone who has a strength for one of my weaknesses and I can allow them to take ownership of that activity.

Collaboration and teamwork have some other less obvious benefits that are rooted in science and 100% worth mentioning.

  1. Collaboration leads to disruption. Did you know that small teams are more likely to create disruptions in various markets? Nature published a study which showed that small teams that collaborated were more likely to uncover different ways to operate and disrupt a market place!
  2. You’ll have reduced stress. Yes, relationships take work. Doesn’t matter if it’s a marriage or a partnership or being a team member. With that work comes some seriously understated rewards. In a world where it can feel like we’re drowning in stress, it’s an absolutely under stated benefit to be able to have a team that you trust to take on and share in the responsibility. This can and does reduce stress. Who wants to team up now?!
  3. We don’t know what we don’t know! Until you collaborate you’ll be stuck and won’t even be aware of it. Teamwork fosters creativity and gives us access to information we didn’t have and didn’t know we didn’t have. This makes you better. In this instance, having a team, a community, a tribe around you with a common vision will give you access to personal development and growth. Need we say more?

If you’re looking to join a tribe of like minded professionals that believe in the #beRICH mindset: Rising to Mastery, Inspiring Greatness, Celebrating Knowledge and Helping Others along the way, you’ll want to check out our private facebook group, Entrepreneur Mastery Lab. You can join the movement here!

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab Community Group

For more conversation around collaboration listen in to our most recent podcast. We interviewed The Thrive Group’s, John Zentgraf and discussed the power of masterminds and collaboration. Like us, John believes in solving the primary challenge in business today – how we do take a 70% failure rate and make it a 70% success rate in business! Listen in to our conversation here!

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