How To Rediscover Your Passion

We don’t believe passion is undying and continuous for most people. It doesn’t just keep going and going and going. Passion like a lot of things in life is cyclical. There are days, weeks, months and years where you will fill the burn of passion and you’ll find great motivation, fulfillment and satisfaction in what you do. There will also be times where you can’t seem to find your passion at all and you may begin to feel lost, unsatisfied, unmotivated.

When you end up in that place it can be difficult to get back on your feet and reignite your passion.

Here are a few tips to get you started back up!

Get away

The Doc will repeat over and over again, to change a pattern you need a disruption. When you find yourself losing your passion one of the greatest ways to get it back is to get away. Disconnect from your day to day and welcome a disruption to your normal life. With distance comes fondness and time away may be exactly what you need!

Have fun

Ever feel like you have stopped having fun? Been adulting too much lately? Passion and joy go hand in hand. If you’re struggling to find your passion and feel that you’ve lost it, take a minute and see if you’ve been experiencing any joy lately. If the answer is no, get back to your roots. What makes you feel joy. Go do it, it might just help reignite your passion as well!

Gut Check

Rediscovering passion isn’t necessarily always going to lead to passion for the same things that used to drive your passion.  We change and life is never static.  If you’re struggling to rediscover your passion it could be time for some self-development and growth.  Exploration and experimentation are central to a life of fulfilment and satisfaction.  If your passion for something is no longer there you may be experiencing a signal that you’re ready to embrace a new, different passion.

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