Finding Balance in the Holidays!

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab - Finding Balance in the Holidays!

If we take the stance that work-life balance doesn’t exist and both blend together, especially during the holidays, it does beg the question: can you have balance during the holidays? We believe you can and want to offer a few tips on how you can find balance this holiday season!

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Take Responsibility for your own Balance

A lot of people think balance and think 50/50. That’s crazy! First, there is a whole lot more to balance than just 2 things in life! Secondly, balance is what we make of it. By understanding how and where we want to prioritize our focus we can really reduce stress by taking accountability for what we want to prioritize. If that’s 70% of our time on business, 10% on family, 20% on ourselves, that’s ok, just own it!

Set Boundaries

The holidays are a difficult time to set boundaries. There are a tremendous number of societal pressures and family pressures on hand during this season that we don’t normally face. For some of us there is considerable professional pressure as well. Setting boundaries up front will help communicate our priorities to the people around us and stave off some of the conflict that comes from differing priorities.

Find Perspective and Empathy

Balance in the holiday season means being aware of more than our own situations and challenges. Almost without exception, everyone is dealing with the burden of additional stress during this time of year. Remembering to step outside of your own shoes will do wonders for many of us to help experience gratitude and fulfillment during the holiday season.

How do you find balance during the holidays? Let us know at!

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