How to Execute a Plan and Why it’s so Hard to do!

How to Execute a Plan and Why it’s so Hard to do!

Big goals for 2023, am I right?! Most people don’t set small goals. After all, small goals don’t exactly feel like they will be life altering and exciting. Small goals certainly don’t equate to feeling like you won the lottery. When we develop big goals, the next step is to put a plan in place. Unfortunately, most people are terrible at executing on their plans and implementing them. In this blog we’ll share with you some tips on the best way to execute on a plan and why it’s so hard to do.

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Why is it so hard to execute on a plan

Consistency and default behaviors are why we struggle here. Most of us fail to be consistent and this is a top reason why we can’t execute on our plans. Life happens and our consistency goes out the door. What’s really happening here is we are reverting to our default behaviors. Our brains don’t ever forget our defaults. They stay in the back of our minds, lurking and waiting like some creeper. When we get off track it’s natural for our brains to trigger our default modes and behaviors. Just like that, our plan can get off track. Since this is totally natural and impossible to eliminate, it’s very difficult to execute on a plan.

Plan Execution, Tip 1

Review the actions that will help you achieve your plan. The only way to manage to our brains defaults is to be aware of when we start to go back to our old modalities and behaviors. The best way to keep up our defense is to review and stay hyper aware of what we need to do to execute on our plan. This means, constant and, yes, consistent review of our days to make sure we are staying on track. A compass works a lot better if we use it every day instead of every few weeks or months!

Plan Execution, Tip 2

Embrace the boring. Yes, you read that right. A lot of the time, plan execution requires us to focus on basic and repetitive tasks. While most of us don’t thrive on repeating the same things over and over again with excellence, time and again history has proven that those of us that work the basics the best are the most likely to execute on achieving our larger plans and goals.

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