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Who say’s 5 G is all the rage, 4G is here to stay!  On our most recent podcast we interviewed Nicole Golemi of Alison South Marketing and talked about one of core beliefs in the Be RICH mindset, helping others.  

Helping others isn’t a mantra or an idea to throw around.  It’s a part of our core mindset because helping others does so much for us in so many ways we often don’t think of consciously.  As The Doctor mentioned in the podcast “Scientifically and psychologically speaking, it does activate parts of your brain {…} creativity comes from it, joy comes from it, it improves your work and it improves your mood.”

At JB and The Doctor, we’re both firm believers that the more you put out there, the more you give, the more will come back to you, 5x, 10x, 100x.  There is an abundance of gains from the simplest of gives and there is true fulfillment to be discovered in acts of generosity and giving.

When we asked Nicole how a marketing company and being a giver can marry so cleanly here’s what she had to say

“Alison South has many clients in general who are non-profits that we work with.  We help them get their voices out there and help people understand who you are and what your mission is. {…} We can always be in our communities and giving back on a constant basis.  It helps you build more skills, be a better person in your personal life and professional life.  A philanthropic resume is just as important as your career resume.”

Perhaps most importantly, giving back matters. 

It matters to the community, it matters to your brand, it matters to the perception and impression you make on the people around you.  It matters to your psychology and levels of fulfillment. It ultimately matters to your bottom line.  Business and entrepreneurship are about so much more than revenue and an important lesson to remember is that our community is made up of our clients.  Serve your community, serve your clients and you’ll serve your bottom line.

To listen to the rest of the podcast you can access it here!

Nicole Golemi

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