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In our most recent podcast JB and the Doctor discuss action vs inaction. In a salute to pseudo-science JB described inaction as the smart move sometimes and referenced the scene from Jurassic park where standing still insured you wouldn’t get eaten. Generally, the Doctor prefers to use a more scientific approach than a blockbuster movie from the 90s.

Our inclination as high-performance coaches is to recommend taking action.

Action should never be taken without regard to direction. To say that another way – we believe in thoughtful, intentional, deliberate action. You won’t always choose the best action, but we’d rather have you going 100 mph in any direction vs 0 mph in no direction. Movement requires inertia and inertia requires energy. It takes much less energy to shift direction than it does to get moving.

Work through a decision, make your decision and then don’t get too locked into where you’re going. Keep your awareness up so you can confirm you’re moving in the right direction. Remember, the best and greatest businesses are all adaptable. To adapt you have to already be doing something. Doing nothing might save you in Jurassic Park but it likely won’t save you in the long term in business!

You can listen to the rest of our podcast here!


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