Blog - It’s a Total SOP Story

It’s a Total SOP Story

Control issues are normal for business owners. If you own a business, you have probably dealt with control issues personally. Wisdom would suggest that as an owner, you need to give up control to scale. Here’s why you absolutely and 100% do NOT need or want to give up control as a business owner. When

Am I busy or productive? How to tell the difference!

Am I busy or productive? How to tell the difference!

A lot of us will keep busy but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re being productive. Unfortunately, business can sneak up on us and before we know it, we have shifted from doing productive work to simply doing work and keeping busy. As a professional and entrepreneur, it’s critical that we make sure we are being

Productivity and Tech: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Productivity and Tech: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

We all want to be as productive as possible, and we’ve never met anyone who was happy filling their time with busy work (once they realized what they were doing at least). Technology has transformed our lives and continues to do so, and our default is to believe we are much more productive than we

Soft Skills: The Future Determinant of Success in an AI world

Soft Skills: The Future Determinant of Success in an AI world

While we’ve been promoting the importance of soft skills for years and there have been plenty of studies that substantiate the benefit of soft skill development, today soft skills are the most investment you can make into yourself and your business. Why? What if we told you that AI is going to transform the way

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3 Tips To Effectively Use Creativity in Marketing

If you want to get heard today, you need to be able to cut through the noise. One of the best ways to do that? Be creative! Creativity and innovation are the fuel for your messaging and branding. In this blog we offer 3 tips to be effective with creativity in your marketing. Embrace Experimentation

Three Simple Ways To Create Authority

It can be said that there are two schools of thought in sales about how clients would like to be treated. 1. Clients want options. 2. Clients want to be told what to do. A savvy business person will recognize that some clients will prefer options and others will want to be told what to

Ready, Aim, Clients!

In our most recent podcast, we were joined by our good friend, Steve Frey. Steve’s built a career working alongside business owners and operates both a retail and wholesale distribution model in two of his businesses. Steve has a mantra he lives by and we strongly agree with People. Process. Product. Too often today, people and

Cat In The Hat Syndrome

You likely know the book and can even picture the drawing.  The cat is riding a unicycle, it’s got a cane, it’s juggling plates, a goldfish in a bowl, all sorts of things are flying in the air.  Thing 1 and 2 are crashing around the cat and the house is an absolute mess. A

3 Ways to Embrace Change

Change is always happening. When we really look hard at our lives, our businesses, our relationships, nothing ever stops changing. We are constantly shifting, adapting and transforming. You’d think with all of that non stop change happening it wouldn’t be so hard. Change is hard though because we all know that change carries uncertainty and discomfort.

The Power in Storytelling

  A lot of times in business and in life we over complicate things.  We try to innovate and build a better mousetrap, and, often there is a better mousetrap that can be built.   People, however, haven’t evolved that much since our earliest ancestors.  You can go back thousands of years to drawings on a