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Have you ever heard the saying that if you ask two doctors for their opinion, you’ll get 3 opinions? When it comes to business advice, this saying is as true as they come. The truth is, nobody has the same journey as you and what worked for someone else may work for you or it may not. There are some instances where it makes a ton of sense for you to put all your eggs in one basket. This approach is called ‘Going all in,’ and in this blog we’ll discuss who it can benefit and why.

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Who should consider going all in

Not everyone should go all in. Going all in is going to be a huge mistake for people dealing with very high anxiety or for many of us who may have responsibilities that extend beyond our own self. However, there are certain people that will respond really well to going all in. I’ve identified a couple of instances where going all in can serve you really well.

You have nothing to lose.

Single, no kids, young in your career. This is a great type of person to go all in. This is not a one size fits all, there are many people who can afford to go all in, but the more of these boxes you check, the lower your overall risk is relative to the potential benefits.

I can afford it

Going all in is great if you have assets, income, experience and a support system. The more of these you have, the greater your chance of being able to bounce back from failure. Going all in means putting everything into an endeavor. The more you can put into something the greater your opportunity to succeed.

There are a number of reasons it can be beneficial to go all in and we’ll focus on our top two for today.

1. Going all in puts your back against the wall and leaves you with no way to retreat.  It’s amazing the occasion we can rise up to if we have no choice.  Going all in can put you in a position to bring out your very best.  No retreat, no surrender!

2. Going all in is a commitment.  Commitments are hard to keep up.  Going all in forces you to keep your commitment.  You can’t make excuses when you go all in.  External factors will keep you on your course and hold you to your commitment.

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