3 Tips On How To Deal With Serious Adversity

3 Tips On How To Deal With Serious Adversity

Have you ever heard witnessed and remembered something, crystal clearly, and then have someone share their same experience with you only to find out that what they saw, heard and remembered was not the same as you? We all experience life differently and even when being in the same place for the same event we’re going to have different experiences. The same event, different perspective and a different truth. In this blog we’re going to give you 3 of the best tips to deal with serious adversity, and it starts with perception!

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1. Be grateful for it

We know it sounds nuts. It’s probably also very difficult to do in the moment but showing gratitude for adversity requires us to admit that there can be good that comes from this experience. It turns a challenge from something stopping us to something that will propel us forward even faster!
Consider how someone you respect and admire would handle it OR how your best competitor would

2. Consider how someone you respect and admire would handle it OR how your best competitor would handle it

Put yourselves in the shoes of someone you greatly admire, or someone who is phenomenal at what they do. How do you think they would respond to the adversity. Not only will this pull you away from personalizing the adversity too much, but it will also help you look through a different lens on how to respond to it.

3. Write down how you will grow from this

It’s easy to react. It’s much harder to respond. Reactions are our immediate responses to a situation. They are reflex and they are typically emotional and protective in nature. Responses are measured, thoughtfully made decisions after we have a chance to process. Writing down how you will grow from serious adversity forces you to take a more measured approach and allows you to spend time processing through your emotions and the situation.

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