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“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”  – Thomas Edison

There are any number of ways to grow a business.  There are some of the most common that we see put to use today:

  • Social media
  • Networking
  • Affiliate
  • Events – promotional & educational
  • Advertising
  • Funnels
  • Client referrals
  • Wholesale

A lot of times we get caught up in trying to do too many different strategies at once.  The challenge of course is if we put our focus on too many areas, it will never be sharp in any given area.  Like our messaging, it’s important to keep our focus tight.  I’m not suggesting that you only focus on one area for growth in your business, I am suggesting that you consider that at any given time, you should be HYPER focused on  one of these growth strategies until it is more self-sustaining.

For a lot of us, we lose that focus before we see a lot of traction gained.  It’s what makes Thomas Edison’s quote so relevant.  As in anything, if we are consistent, we will see results.  Want to grow a business through social media?  Start doing what social media influencers do.  Post every day, create content and engagement, build online relationships and one day you will have a business built through social media and you will be a social media influencer.

If you want to achieve the most growth in your business, identify the business growth model you are most comfortable with and be incredibly focused and intentional on it.

When I moved to South Florida my network consisted of my sister – in the medical field and my cousin and her husband, I didn’t even know what she did at the time I moved here.  Essentially ZERO.  I took it on myself to start networking.  I turned down almost no events or opportunities to meet people. 

My very first piece of business ultimately came from the very first networking event I attended in Florida.  That connection today continues to be a valued friend and business partner and has led to multiple pieces of business.  For over 2 years I spent countless hours, mornings, lunches and evenings networking and meeting as many professionals that helped serve my market as I could.  I dedicated myself to always showing up and always booking 1 on 1s with the people I met networking.  I soon began to see my business grow and from there I was able to start to put my focus on other areas of business growth. 

Today, the focus on networking has paid incredible dividends and given my business a foundation that allows me to focus on other growth vehicles, such as client referrals and social media.  Keep in mind that I did not stop my networking, I’ve just put some of my focus from there to other areas of my business to allow for greater, scalable growth.  Remember if we’re not growing, we’re shrinking!

On our most recent podcast Doc and I talked about personal growth.  Just like the story above, personal growth and business growth operate under the same principles.  You’re either growing or you’re shrinking.

To hear what we had to say about our personal growth you can check out the podcast here!

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