The Power in Storytelling


A lot of times in business and in life we over complicate things.  We try to innovate and build a better mousetrap, and, often there is a better mousetrap that can be built.  

People, however, haven’t evolved that much since our earliest ancestors.  You can go back thousands of years to drawings on a cave wall and realize something pretty awesome.  People like to tell stories and listen to stories.  We are story-driven.

Think of sports and entertainment.  The best rivalries, the best individuals, the best movies the best series.  They have one distinct thing in common.  Great stories.  

Think about the media.  What sells?  Stories do.  It’s why the news has become so sensationalized.  

Information alone doesn’t catch our attention, but you give that information a fresh shower, wrap it up in some nice clothes and all of a sudden you’ll catch people’s attention when it walks across the street in front of them.

Why then aren’t we perfecting the art of storytelling?  Why do I hear, and I hear it all the time, pitches and presentations and entrepreneurs talking about their business and forgetting the story?  I don’t believe there is a better mousetrap than the story.  The story is the world’s greatest honeypot.  So instead of focusing on getting better at what we already know is the greatest mousetrap we put a lot of our attention on unimportant and ineffective ways of trying to innovate something that really doesn’t require innovation at all.

If you want to stand out in business and you want to really become an effective communicator you need to become an absolute monster at telling a good story.  You don’t need a lot of stories to tell.  Just some good ones.  

A good story, like a good joke will get passed around to more and more people.  If it’s your story, think about how your sphere of influence can take off and go viral.  I can promise it won’t happen because your information is great.  It’ll happen because the story you wrap around your information is.

A great question to ask yourself.  Have I perfected even a single story about my business?  If the answer is no, you might want to take a listen to what else we have to say about storytelling and presentations.

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