How To Build Relationships Quickly And Effectively

Relationships are important and we are born with the need for them. The ability to form relationships, however, is not innate, it’s learned.

Our ability to form relationships is not just important for us individually, it’s also incredibly important for us as a business.

The reality is simple…people do business with people they like. In a world with billions of people, chances are the services and products you offer are in competition with someone else and their business, for all intents and purposes is the same as yours.

How then do you make sure you win the business? The answer here is also simple, by making sure you’re damn good at building relationships. Ultimately, this factor will determine winning the business or standing on the sidelines more often than any other metric.

If winning business is all about forming relationships, we need to get really sharp at this. We have some tips below.

Forming relationships doesn’t start with you, it starts with them

People are self-interested. That’s natural. Putting someone else first goes against that. But, if you want to form relationships and get really good at it, you need to put someone else first. Do that and you’re lightyears ahead of most other people.

The relationship is 100% on you

You’ll hear people say that relationships require both people to put in equally. We’d argue that you need to forget expectations and put in 100%. If a relationship grows and blossoms or shrivels and dies, that’s on you. Put in 100% and get 1000% back. Put in anything less and good luck.

Relationships form based on shared interests

You could spend hours, days, months and years trying to develop relationships with anyone you meet. That’s a recipe for disaster. Be realistic. People are perceptive and they’ll be able to read your energy. When you’re forming a relationship with someone, or a business, that you really mesh with, you’ll know it and so will they. Instead of trying to force relationships, you’re better off putting your time into finding relationships that have a solid foundation to grow off of. Plant the seeds where the soil is fertile!

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