How to Know When You’re Sacrificing Too Much

How to Know When You’re Sacrificing Too Much

We all have trade-offs occur every day. No matter what decisions we make there is a trade-off. For example, let’s say we choose to wake up early to get a strong start to the week. We are accepting that our sleep will be impacted to have more time in the day. Some sacrifices we make are greater than others. For example, we might pull an all-nighter of work to hit a necessary deadline knowing that it will have a huge impact on our overall performance later in the week. How do we know if the sacrifices and trade-offs we make are worth the cost? What if we told you there are signs you could look for that will let you know if it’s a healthy trade off or not? In our blog today we look at a couple of signs you can keep an eye out for to let you know if you’re sacrificing too much!

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Sign 1 That You’re Sacrifice Isn’t Worth It

Sacrifices and trade-offs often lead to short term impact. Staying up late or waking up early for a day? Short term impact. Staying up late or waking up early for a week or longer? Long term impact. When our sacrifices and trade-offs become detrimental to our health it can be a clear ‘caution’ sign that we need to pay attention to. Keep an eye out for any developing, long term negative impacts that stem from your sacrifices. This could be a clear sign that the sacrifices aren’t worth it. Consider, staying up for 24 hours and driving produces some of the same deficiencies in reaction time as drinking and driving can.

Sign 2 That You’re Sacrifice Isn’t Worth It

You find yourself unbalanced and unhappy. Sacrifice means you’re giving something up, willingly. However, if the extend of what we give up leads to mental illness such as depression and anxiety, we may be trying to take on too much. There is no personal benefit to being a martyr if you can’t enjoy the results of your sacrifice. Pay attention to your mental health as you make sacrifices and be honest about.

What signs do you look for to let you know that a trade-off isn’t worth it?

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