What is Active Listening and How to Use It!

Active Listening

“‘We have two ears and one mouth, use them proportionately.”

- Anonymous

Some wisdom holds true over time better than others. Some of the best advice I’ve heard about being in sales is ‘shut up,’ or something similar. The reason for this is, most of the time when we talk, we learn nothing. When we listen, we can learn. We also allow the people we are with the opportunity to be heard, which they love! What if we told you there are simple ways you can get people to share what’s most important to them? In our blog today we explain what active listening is and how you can use it!

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What is Active Listening

Active listening is best described as listening with intention. Most of us aren’t in good practice at listening. Although it’s commonly said that the smartest person in the room is the one keeping quiet, much of the attention goes to the loudest or fastest speaking individual in a room. Traditional listening might be hearing the words being spoken to you. Active listening is an exercise in concentration, focus and effort to better understand not just the words being spoken but what is not being spoken. Attention to the tone, undertones, body language and other non-verbal cues creates better understanding of what someone is communicating and builds tremendous empathy between both parties. Active listening is intentional.

How to Use Active Listening

Use active listening to build better relationships with the people around you. You’ll learn much more about someone, help them feel validated and express much greater empathy by actively listening to what someone is saying. Use it to stand out from other people and cement yourself as a unicorn in the eyes of anyone you’re working with. Active listening takes discipline, but that discipline shows someone you care! Use active listening to build better relationships!

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