Key elements in storytelling

Key elements in storytelling

Mastering the art of storytelling does not come naturally to many people. Thankfully there are some common elements that are universal in most good stories. These same elements can be incorporated to provide your business and brand with the ‘wow’ factor that you need to stand apart!

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Le’ts jump right into what makes storytelling great and the elements you need to include in your story.

What makes storytelling great?

Storytelling allows us to create an emotional response in the people who are experiencing our story. It engages and captivates the audience by evoking emotions and touching on universal themes that everyone can identify with. A good story will resonate with people over time and never truly ages.

Key Element #1: Conflict

There is no good story without conflict. No matter how small, conflict is something all of us can appreciate and have gone through. Every story must have a conflict and the better the conflict the more engaging the story.

Key Element #2: Resolution

Not all conflicts are won but there are always resolutions. The resolution of a conflict provides insight and helps guide our future decisions. The wisdom in many stories is found in how the conflict was resolved.

Key Element #3: Character

In order for a story to hit, somebody has to place themselves in the shoes of the character. A great story will always have a character that people can relate to in some way and allows them to imagine themselves going through the conflict as the character themselves.

Building out these elements in your story will help you engage with your audience in a more meaningful way and truly stand apart from the crowd!

How do you tell stories?

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