How putting people first leads to business growth

All businesses bloom when you’re solving a problem for other people. This is the heart of every successful business. Yet there are many instances where putting people first becomes a part of the very culture of a business and it can often come with startling results. In this blog article we’ll explore how putting people first can lead to amazing business growth and results.

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Let’s review some examples of businesses putting people first and how it resulted in amazing business success.


When you think Costco chances are you think about the hotdogs, free samples, or loads of pallets before you think of the people. How do they sell those hotdogs for so cheap? However, Costco is well known for its loyalty to its employees and putting people first and it’s made a tremendous difference in their results. Costco not only promotes and develops from within but over 90% of its employees have benefits and are paid well above many other large box store employees. The results are clear as well. Costco not only has higher employee retention rates than their competitors but they also have twice the sales per employee than competitors like Sam’s Club. This has resulted in stunning growth for Costco over the years and is a great example of how putting people first can pay off.


Known for their great outdoors gear you might not realize how much emphasis Patagonia puts on their employees. Patagonia is so well respected for their employee benefits and putting their employees first that it has appeared on the 100 Best Companies to Work For list by Fortune 6 times! Employee turnover happens to be one of the most expensive challenges businesses face today and Patagonia shows clear results here by having 100% (yes, you read that right) of employees return from maternity leave. Talk about an impressive result!


If Patagonia impressed you, stand back for Wegmans. Wegmans showed up on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list 22 consecutive years showing tremendous consistency and upholding a strong reputation as an excellent employer. Wegmans doesn’t just stop at employee satisfaction as they are very well known for extremely high customer satisfaction as well. Wegmans has been growing for over 104 years and has shown tremendous success when it enters new markets such as North Carolina or by the fact that its food services alone accounts for nearly 10% of its almost $10 billion in sales.

Putting people first is essential for a business. Making it a part of the culture can lead to even greater results.

How do you put people first?

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