Managing behavior virtually

Managing behavior virtually

Managing behavior is one of the primary skill sets a service based professional and entrepreneur must become scary good at. Between managing our own behavior and reactions and managing our clients it is an essential skill to develop and continuously hone, or, as we like to say, sharpen the ax. Managing behavior can be even more difficult when we are virtual since it’s much harder to relay body language and read other’s body language. Here are some of the top tips we have for managing behavior virtually.

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Tip 1

Managing behavior online requires focus and attention. It’s best if both parties on any virtual engagement are able and willing to silence some common distractors. Make sure you set your phone to focus mode, silence notifications from your email and other browsers (close them if you must) and ask that whomever you’re meeting with do the same. Setting the stage up front to reduce distractions will make it much easier to manage behavior when virtual.

Tip 2

Ask twice respond once! The old adage goes measure twice, cut once and it is even more important when virtual. Since we are much more limited in our ability to read body language online it becomes crucial to make sure what is being said is what is meant to be communicated and that what is being heard is what was actually said. Check in with people even more regularly than you would while virtual will help make sure the communication between yourself and the other party is as effective as possible.

Tip 3

Some things do not translate online. There are certain conversations and topics that are highly sensitive in nature. Some of these conversations simply do not play well online and if the goal is to manage reactions, they should not take place virtually if you have any control over it. It’s like having a conversation when driving a car. If you need to make eye contact for that conversation, the car is an awful place to chat. You can still do it, but be prepared for less than ideal results. The same goes for online conversations. Some are just better in person.

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