How to Deal With Uncertainty

Uncertainty is always going to be there. At times we don’t even notice it, at other times it’s impossible to ignore. Dealing with uncertainty can be challenging for a number of reasons, but it’s important to make sure we are prepared so when uncertainty does pop up, we don’t allow it to throw us off track. In this blog we’ll offer some wisdom on some of the best ways to deal with uncertainty to minimize it’s impact.

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Uncertainty Hack #1

Step back from what’s causing the uncertainty. Perspective is a great way to remove ourselves from emotional responses and when we deal with uncertainty we are often dealing with our own, or others emotions. Step back, create perspective and you’ll often find that the uncertainty is not necessarily as impactful as you were worried it would be.

Uncertainty Hack #2

Plan for the uncertainty. Plan for the worst so that the worst isn’t as bad as it could be. When we have a plan in place for uncertainty it allows us to have a response ready to go. Being able to take action during uncertainty is a fantastic way to minimize the impact of uncertainty in our lives and our business.

Uncertainty Hack #3

Know your coping strategies. We all cope with things differently. When uncertainty starts to creep up it may be time to implement one of your coping strategies. This could be self-care, working out, meditation, vacation, therapy or any number of outlets. Find what works best for you and don’t delay.

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