How to successfully prospect on LinkedIn

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab - How to successfully prospect on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to prospect as a B2B professional or entrepreneur. Not only does LinkedIn provide a deep blue ocean of professionals, it’s expected that you’ll be on there for professional purposes. Shockingly enough, few professionals use LinkedIn to it’s full potential and many of us are guilty of accepting connections without bothering to engage or worse, sending them out with no follow up plan in place. In this blog we’ll cover some actionable ideas to make sure you’re successfully prospecting on LinkedIn.

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So, you want to be more effective on LinkedIn? It starts with being intentional.

LinkedIn is a great way to meet people and prospects, but we shouldn’t be wasting our time or anyone else’s. We don’t want to connect with people, just because. We shouldn’t think about using LinkedIn as a dating site or as a social platform. Instead, consider what it would look like if we were more intentional on LinkedIn. What would happen if a page, event, post, or connection does not further our goals and we chose not to like, follow, or connect. What would our experience be like if we never accepted random connections and never sent out random connections? It would change, dramatically. To get the most from LinkedIn think of it like this: specificity is a necessity.

Want LinkedIn to work better for you? Set expectations up front.

Nobody likes uncertainty. It’s a universal for people out there. Uncertainty is not fun. It’s why setting expectations up front is so important. When you reach out to people or they reach out to you, how thoughtful are you about setting expectations? If you aren’t, we recommend trying to be more deliberate with your expectations. For example, if you’re connecting with someone that you have identified as a prospect, let them know up front to eliminate uncertainty and anxiety. It’ll help you find your ideal prospects in a time of need, much faster and allow them to triage whether you’re a good fit, right now, as well!

Need to level up your LinkedIn game? Ask permission

Have you been bombarded by event invitations lately? Has someone asked you to like or follow their page or subscribe to your newsletter? Has anyone actually reached out to you directly with a note, message, text or call to let you know they were inviting you to something and to make sure it was relevant? If you have experience this you’ll probably understand why we believe asking permission needs to be considered as part of elite LinkedIn habits. Blanket requests do not work well. If anything you’ll grow a list of subscribers and followers that are not actually interested in what you do. In other words, all you’ll develop is a dead asset. By asking permission ahead of time you’ll earn the right people and seriously start to develop some LinkedIn mojo.

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