Ready, Aim, Clients!

In our most recent podcast, we were joined by our good friend, Steve Frey. Steve’s built a career working alongside business owners and operates both a retail and wholesale distribution model in two of his businesses.

Steve has a mantra he lives by and we strongly agree with People. Process. Product.

Too often today, people and business owners start with product. Steve was noted as comparing it to Ready, Fire, Aim! Probably not the greatest recipe for success. The reality is, if we want great success in our roles and our businesses, we need to keep product to the end and we need to put people first. 

By starting with our clients first we aren’t pushing a product. What we’re pushing is to better understand our audience, and our audiences needs. Even more importantly it allows our clients to share about themselves and feel connected to us. Connection and relationships is everything in business. 

Look no further than Peloton. What a fantastic example of connection. You can buy exercise bikes and treadmills for 40-70% less than the Peloton brand. However, nobody in the exercise machine space has built a better connection with their audience than Peloton and it allows them to charge an absurdly high price point for the same exact style of product easily available for much less. 

If you’re still doubtful about how impactful this is, go speak to someone who has a Peloton. 


Do they have a group they ride with? Chances are, yes. 

Do they have a coach or two they absolutely love? For sure, they do. 

Would they ever leave Peloton for another community? What other community, they’d ask you back. 

The common thread here is simple. Connection between people. 

The very best way we can build a connection with people is by putting our clients first. If you’re in business and you’re struggling to scale, looking for ideas on how to get past a plateau, or just getting started, you can take a look at whether you’re creating a connection with your clients and ask yourself am I putting my clients first? 

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