Self Awareness And How You Self-Sabotage Yourself Every Day

Self awareness has a tremendous impact on your success as an individual and entrepreneur. It’s arguably one of the most difficult skills to acquire.

As Shakespeare once wrote:

“To thine own self be true.”

A simple concept and much harder in practice.

Knowing ourselves is as much about knowing our strengths and our weaknesses as it is about knowing our why.

Here’s where you’ll benefit most from truly having self-awareness.

  1. You’ll know what work and focus you’re best suited for and you can prioritize that to achieve the best results.
  2. You’ll understand where you need help and can bring on board resources and people to help you identify and offload your weaknesses.
  3. You’ll have a keen understanding around your motivation and can fall back on that when things get difficult.
  4. You’ll have a much better grasp on realistic expectations for accomplishing your goals and working through projects.

Each of these individual changes in your life would lead to dramatic shifts in success on all sorts of levels. Put them together and you have the recipe for a massive adjustment to the success you can achieve.

Self-awareness should be something we all spend significantly more time on. Yet outside of the potential for a ‘DISC’ test or some other psychological battery of tests on how we’ll respond to stimuli very few people make a real, daily effort to become better at self awareness.

Why continue down the path of limited returns and limited success when there is so much more opportunity out there? Devising a plan in place to get better at self-awareness can triple the results you see in your personal life and business and is an essential commitment for any service based professional or entrepreneur.

The truth is as simple as Shakespeare’s words are. If you’re not working on your self-awareness you’re actively sabotaging yourself every single day.

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