Setting Goals – Insight From Genesis Games of Healing Connections

Setting goals is a weird thing.  They’re supposed to be SMART, BHAG, fit into your calendar, results-oriented, carry your strategy, your dream, your vision, your fantasies your wonderland, your last will and testament, durable and medical power of attorneys, pre-nup and divorce decree, and your eulogy all in one.  In summary, they are a little ridiculous.  But setting a goal is the framework of every service professional or entrepreneur and business out there.  So it’s not like you can just ignore it.  Today we’re going to check in with our friend, Genesis Games on how she helps people get to their goals, specifically, how does she help couples to agree on and ultimately get to their goals?  Here is an edited transcript of some of our conversations with Genesis.

Here’s what Genesis has to say about helping couples identify and achieve goals together:

“ I would say that the first handful of sessions that I have with my couples is really trying to define {their} goals, and it’s not always very clear.  They’re not always on the same page as each other which is why they may need help. Maybe it’s one of the things they need help and the other one doesn’t, so definitely those first few sessions are really about getting clear about what the problem is, getting them to really speak openly about what’s going on. I don’t think we always have that insight, we know that there’s something that’s off, but we might not always be able to pinpoint it, so the first step, is gaining clarity around what’s wrong, what needs to be fixed, what can be improved….once we are clear about that we need to able to express that to the other person in a way that they can really listen to what we have to say, they can really take it in, they don’t become defensive.

After we have the clarity and after we’re able to communicate what the problem is, then it’s thinking of what we want our end goal to be, and then working backwards with smaller goals that will eventually get us to that end goal… The vision is a big picture that we’re working towards, we want to work backwards from there to create smaller goals to help us get there.”

What Genesis has to say here is fantastic.  Big goals, big hairy goals,  big hairy audacious goals.  Smart goals.  Specific goals.  Specific and measurable goals.  Specific and measurable goals that are actionable.  OH MY GOSH.  Cut it out.  It’s too much.  Break all of this down into an end vision and small simple steps that will get you there.  Keep your eyes on the individual steps and work backwards from your vision and you’ll achieve your goals.  It’s that simple.  Not smart, not bhag, not the longest mouthful of words and acronyms possible.  If you need more help with this, keep an eye out for our private Facebook group launching soon where we help you develop and maintain a Be RICH mindset.

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You may also want to take a look at our course, Time Mastery With Science where we discuss having the best mindset to achieve your goals and one of the best of many small steps you can take – getting your day and time organized!

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My final takeaway from our interview with Genesis:  She is one smart human. 

For more from Genesis and our conversation together check out our podcast here: G’s to a Great relationship: Goodness, Goals and Genesis Games ~ Episode 22

Genesis Games is a bilingual psychotherapist in Miami, working with clients in all of Florida. She is both in English and Spanish-speaking working with college students and young adults.  Genesis helps them to adjust to life transitions, navigate the dating world, manage relationship issues and setting boundaries for family and friendships.  Gensis also works with individuals who have endured heartbreak and helps them make space for the grief and thrive, and then last, she’s a Gottman trained couples therapist and works with couples through all the stages of their relationship.  Genesis teaches couples how to reconnect and heal attachment trauma.  I for one wish I had known Genesis when I was younger!


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