The Importance Of A Strong Start: Flexing On The New Year

Do you feel like you get off to a fast start?  Are you out of the gates fast?  Feel like you’re the head of the pack?  Heading to achieve your goal at full speed?  Or, are you a little slower coming out of the gate?  Do you feel methodical in your approach, are you thoughtful of your pace and do you take your time when you get started?

The thing is, there’s a difference between a quick start and a strong start and it doesn’t have to do with how quickly you launch out of the gates.

JB’s take:

“A quick start is, if you think back to when you were younger, there was that kid that would get a test and they’d start answering the questions on the test and they fly through the test.  They want be the first one done, and they are fast, fast, fast – boom, test is done.  They hand it in, and they didn’t read the instructions, they did the test completely wrong, they failed the test. That’s a quick start. 

A lot of times the big difference between a quick start and a strong start is a quick end where the student didn’t do too good. 

I was one of those quick starters when I was young (I swear I ended up fine).   So what’s the difference between between a quick start and a strong start?

You can have a strong start that is a quick start, and maybe that’s in some ways ideal in a lot of instances, but there is a big difference between coming out of the gate FAST vs just getting off quick. 

Strong start means starting off, with a clear vision and mission and action plan to get to where you need to go, right, so you can start strong whether you start quick or not.  That confuses a lot of people because we feel like if we’re taking the time to do our due diligence, if we are putting some research into it and making sure that we know the direction we’re headed, that’s what leads to that strong start.”

When we do these quick starts without doing any kind of prep, we just blindly walk into a situation and that kills a strong start a good amount of times, because then you start to see everything unravel in front of you  and we know the challenge with sprinting out without necessarily thinking ahead and being thoughtful and deliberate.  We’ve known it since we were kids when we were read or we read ourselves Aesop’s fables The Tortoise and The Hare. 

There’s a reason there’s a message behind that, and part of that message is just because you get off to a sprint doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to win the race.  A more current example – your best golfers out there, a lot of times, they don’t just drive for the green, they actually take a look at the course, they think about their stroke and they swing and they plan out where they’re going to hit the ball so that they can get the ball in the hole with less strokes, so it’s not just about quick… It’s strong.”

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For more on our conversation, you can check out our entire podcast here:  The Importance of a Strong Start: Flexing on the New Year ~ Episode 21

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