Simple Steps You Can Take Today To Earn More Trust

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab - Simple Steps You Can Take Today To Earn More Trust

Trust has an incredible return on your time and investment. It has a tangible impact that can catapult a brand and individuals’ success. Perhaps what is most challenging is trust is difficult to build. It’s not complex to figure out, but it is difficult. As they say, trust can take an incredibly long time to earn and only moments to lose. With that in mind, here are some simple steps you can take today to earn more trust with your clients and employees!

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We were inspired to write about trust after our conversation with Dr. Toby Travis, founder of TrustEd Consulting. You can listen in to the replay of our conversation on our podcast here, or you can watch it on our Youtube channel!

Watch it on our Youtube channel!

Working for a Fortune 50 employer gave me unique insight into culture and trust at one of the largest institutions in the world. Our specific business accounted for over 20% of the revenue earned by our company and we played an instrumental role in the success of our company. Some of the greatest lessons I learned during my tenure was around trust. How to both earn it and how to lose it. Let’s jump into some easy steps on how to earn and develop trust, right now.

1. Start communicating more

People begin to trust when their expectations are met. It’s incredibly hard to meet expectations if you do not communicate what the expectations should be! For most of us, what feels like acceptable communication is probably under communication for our clients and over communication is acceptable. Remember, what seems obvious to you is probably not understood by your clients or your employees unless you outright say it to them.

2. Be consistent

Uncertainty kills trust and people love certainty. One of the simplest ways to build trust right now is to start getting more consistent. Find ways you can create a process, system or SOP and implement it for yourself and your team. The consistency will lead to consistent results which will lead to trust. It’s one of the reasons Starbucks is such a successful model!

3. Get more vulnerable

Your human and your success is built on selling yourself. People want to see the person behind the business. Vulnerability must be the most authentic, raw and instantly impactful to show the person behind the business. Nobody likes to do it, but everyone else loves to see it. After all, how much do people pay for inside access? It’s a proven business model to instantly start building more trust.

There are a number of other simple steps can we take to build trust. If you’re curious for more, reach out to us! We love answering your questions from the Entrepreneur Mastery Lab. If you’d like to join us and other professionals that are striving to get better every day, you can access the group here!


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