Soft Skills: The Future Determinant of Success in an AI world

Soft Skills: The Future Determinant of Success in an AI world

While we’ve been promoting the importance of soft skills for years and there have been plenty of studies that substantiate the benefit of soft skill development, today soft skills are the most investment you can make into yourself and your business. Why? What if we told you that AI is going to transform the way we work and that technical expertise is going to be primarily supported by AI function? You probably wouldn’t be surprised. If our technical expertise can be transitioned over to technology, then it becomes clear that what will set us apart is the skills that AI cannot replace. These are the decidedly human soft skills like emotional intelligence, empathy, active listening, and communication. Soft skill investment today is the best way to guarantee future success in an AI world. 

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AI has advanced exponentially in an incredibly short period of time. As we publish this blog, we are seeing plug-in support and AI like ChatGPT has already established itself as power enough to pass several business school exams, the United States Licensure Exam and has performed better than many students typically would. 

While ChatGPT and other AI have a long way to go the functionality is undeniable and it’s clear that given enough time, ChatGPT and AI will be able to more effectively, more efficiently and more accurately provide technical expertise to consumers at (potentially) a fraction of the cost that experts charge today. This will be hugely disruptive for many professionals and businesses.

AI is not perfect, however, and struggles with many of the same challenges that people struggle with today. ChatGPT and AI are not great at active listening. The software is incapable, and we believe will remain incapable of being able to understand the many levels of nuance in human communication and interaction. Without active listening we cannot effectively display empathy and we cannot connect well with other people.

The greatest strength we have as people is to be people and to grow and develop the skills that allow us to work alongside other people. If our technical skills are easily commoditized, then it makes complete sense for us to be doubling down on our soft skills. These are the skills that will separate us from other professionals and businesses. These are the skills that will allow us to better understand our consumers, their behaviors, and their biases. 

What do you think?

How will AI handle soft skills?
Will it ever come close to what we can accomplish as people?
For now, we’re confident the answer is NO!

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