Self-Awareness: Do You Have It?

Self-Awareness: Do You Have It?

We’d all like to believe we have a tremendous amount of self-awareness. It’s hard to find someone that believes they aren’t self-aware. Yet it’s also hard to find individuals that can honestly say they have spent any time being trained on how to develop self-awareness or who have dedicated extensive time into the practice of self-awareness. What’s worse research has shown, introspection doesn’t necessarily lead to better self-awareness at all and it can actually hurt us! When it comes to self-awareness, the real question is, do you have it?


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95% of us believe we are self-aware. Yet, studies suggest only 15% of us actually are!

Chances are we are completely unaware of just how unaware we are (yes we understand the irony in this)! More than that, we tend to lie to ourselves about whether we’re lying to ourselves. In other words, we don’t want to admit that we aren’t aware even though we kind of understand that we’re not all that aware in the first place.

Self-awareness is a skill that can be taught and developed. For some of us, a small percentage, we naturally have a high level of self-awareness. Like professional athletes, a very small percentage of us have exceptional self-awareness. The difference is, many of us grow up learning about sports, practicing and devoting substantial time to developing physical athleticism. Rarely do we find that people spend any sort of time developing their awareness to the same extend they might develop skills such as throwing a baseball or shooting a basketball.

Somebody who never spent time throwing a baseball very obviously can see that they aren’t very good at throwing a ball. People who never spent time developing self-awareness, unfortunately, have no idea that they aren’t good at it. They’re blind to it, typically. It’s why we consider awareness one of the most under emphasized skills for professionals today and one of our core skills we believe every professional and entrepreneur should focus on!

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Do you still believe you’re in the small group of truly self-aware people?

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