Three Exercises To Become More Dedicated

Three Exercises To Become More Dedicated

Maybe you’re going through a rough patch.  Maybe you are looking to evolve to the next level.  Either way you’ve decided you need to really dedicate yourself to something. If you’re looking for ways to become more dedicated to yourself, a relationship, your business or other commitments you’ve made, we have you covered!  

Many of us search for ways to become more dedicated and we have found these exercises are incredibly helpful.  

1. Review 

If you’re just starting out or if you’ve been going at it a while there was a reason why you made a commitment.  Think about what that reason is and write it out to the best of your ability.  Once it’s down, take a close look at it again and ask yourself ‘but, why?’  Write down your response to that question.  Keep repeating that until you get to the point that you have uncovered your deepest reason for the commitment.  Once you’ve settled on the deepest reason and it’s on paper you can put it on the wall, in your wallet, or even snap a photo on your phone screen saver.  Keep it close and bring it front and center when you feel yourself slipping from your dedication.

2. Reward 

You dedicated yourself to something for a reason.  There was a greater end result you were looking to achieve.  You wanted to make a change in your past or current situation.  To become more dedicated make sure you remember to reward yourself.  Celebrate the small daily victories and express gratitude for yourself when you stretch and push.  Small regular rewards will help sustain a longer and deeper dedication to your goals.  It’s especially powerful to find a reward that is specific to your reason (#1 exercise) and brings you a fresh reminder of the excitement that started you on your journey.

3. Accountability

Create a check in with yourself or someone else.  Whether it’s a journal, a mentor, colleague or coach you want to set expectations for yourself and you want to make sure you’re being held responsible for those expectations.  Be realistic with your accountability. 

Whatever level of dedication you have currently, you will likely struggle to make giant leaps and bounds.  The odds of increasing your level of dedication rise dramatically when you consistently and persistently add to your current load.  At every check in, ask yourself three questions:  how you will feel if you achieve the dedication you’re aiming for, what will your life look like living at this level of dedication, and, how will I feel if I don’t achieve this level of dedication.  These questions will recenter you and help maintain a higher level of dedication.


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