Showing Thanks and The Platinum Rule

Showing Thanks and The Platinum Rule

When it comes to showing our thanks as professionals and businesses the sky and your creativity is the limit!  There are countless ways to show your thanks and today we wanted to extend some of the ways we show our thanks in our businesses!

My great-uncle was an owner of one of the largest dairy (milk) distributors in the United States many years ago.  When I was a child, he shared a simple lesson to me that stuck out.  If you want to do business with someone, break bread.  Have a meal.  Enjoy a drink.  Build a relationship.  There’s a lot more ways to do business with someone – I’ve run races alongside future clients and partners, I’ve played golf, closed business at a bar, heck I’ve even built relationship at cycle studios dripping sweat with my colleagues. 

Platinum Rule

What my career has taught me is that doing business with someone requires you to treat them the way they want to be treated, what’s known as the Platinum Rule.  You may be more familiar with the Golden Rule – treat others the way you’d want to be treated.  The Golden Rule is good, the Platinum Rule is better.  The Platinum Rule has you treat people the way they want you to treat them.  It’s not about you, it’s about THEM.

Giving thanks is no different than doing business.  Your clients and your partners have passions.  They have hobbies and values and most importantly, giving thanks is about THEM not about you.

Following the platinum rule here are some of the ways we give thanks in our businesses:

A personal touch 

  • We will write handwritten notes.  It’s a lost art and yet many people still very much appreciate the extra effort involved with a handwritten note.  Even if you have terrible handwriting (like I do). 

Personalized gifts

  • For our coaching clients who are crushing something they have worked hard on, we love to send a small gift that recognizes their progress and their trust in working with us.  

Lunches, Dinners, Drinks

  • Some people (like me) LOVE food.  Want to make me a happy person, feed me good food with good company to make good memories! 

An unexpected call

  • Calling is overrated, right?  Nobody wants to talk on the phone anymore, yeah?  Except, show me someone who doesn’t appreciate the extra authenticity and effort in a thank you phone call as opposed to a ‘thx’ text or message.  The little things matter!

How do you like to give thanks in your business?

There are so many other ways, including, how you run your business can be an expression of thanks!  You can take a listen to our most recent podcast to check out how Joy Nicholson of Unleash Your Marketing gives thanks and brings Joy to her clients!  You can check it out here!

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab Podcast - Episode 65 Joy Nicholson
Entrepreneur Mastery Lab Podcast – Episode 65 Joy Nicholson
 Interested in meeting Joy and engaging with the best group of professionals out there?  Join us in our private (free) Facebook community, The Entrepreneur Mastery Lab!  Click here to join us and our movement to change how people do business!

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