Tips for Identifying A Great Mentor

Mentorship can bring amazing benefits. Greater income, better self-confidence, reduced anxiety, a strong and growing professional network. Unfortunately, not all mentoring works and finding a mentor can be more difficult than you might expect.

Creating Top Tier Genuine Expressions with Daniel Wakefield

After our conversation with Dan Wakefield at Top Tier Headshots, we decided to take a closer look at mentorship within this blog and our community. To take a listen to our chat with Dan, and how having a mentor helped him accelerate his decision to start his business and it’s initial growth, you can access our podcast here!

Here are some tips on how to identify someone that can be a great mentor! You can also use these tips to figure out if you’re in a good position to help mentor someone else and give back.

Find someone who wants to give back

Mentorship works great, but it will be a mess if both the mentor and mentee are not equally invested in the success of the relationship. A great mentor will have the capacity to put the time into making the relationship a success.

Look for someone who already has the skill set you’re looking to develop

A solid mentor not only has the capacity for the relationship they also have the capability. Has your mentor already been there and done that? If not, it can still be a great relationship but it may not offer the same benefits you’d expect.

Is the mentor you want to work with open to learning themselves?

The best mentorship relationships provide value for both the mentor and mentee and teaching is one of the greatest skill sharpening exercise out there. A good mentor is constantly trying to grow and learn themselves and will see the relationship as a chance to learn something from you as well!

As with all things, if you need more support or help on this topic please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly about the services we offer. You can also apply to be a mentor within our free, private facebook community. If you haven’t joined yet, you can request to join the Entrepreneur Mastery Lab, here!

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