The Scientific Method and Running a Productive Business

Could you imagine a world in which we never listened to our clients? A world where we never really uncovered what was most important to them and what they needed to address their pain? A life where they never achieved the results that were most important to them?

It’s why marketers will tell you it’s all about knowing your audience and advertisers will tell you to test, test and test again.

At the heart of this is the scientific method. Knowing your audience, knowing what connects to your audience and how to speak to it is all about finding evidence and using the scientific method.

The scientific method is an essential aspect to running a business. If you’re just out there guessing about what people want and guessing about what their needs are it’s going to be a LONG journey to really achieve any success or make any sort of impact with people.

To achieve real productivity you need to use evidence gathered to help accelerate how quickly you’re able to connect with your audience.

On our most recent podcast we had a tremendous conversation with Miranda Fuller of LauderAle Brewery. Miranda sparked our conversation around the scientific method when she shared with us the similarities between her background in science and biology with the business of brewing! To check out our conversation with Miranda you can listen in here or any of your favorite streaming platforms!

In the meantime, here are some of the best ways to quickly gather evidence to make sure you operate at your most productive.

Empirical evidence

– no matter what, nothing is more applicable in business than getting into the shoes of your ideal clients. If you want to enhance your productivity make sure you understand the frustration and struggles of your clients and really dig into their business.


Not twerk, please don’t. Tweak. A good process and a process and routine will allow you to tweak what you do to come up with the very best possible methods to be the most productive. This can’t be done without following the scientific method.

Interview and survey your audience constantly

Business changes and the experience you’ve had is not necessarily the same environment your prospects are dealing with today. The more evidence you collect the more you’ll be able to identify trends and be ahead of the curve on changes if and when they need to happen.

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