Finding Balance

Doing what we need to do when there is no friction, no obstacles, and nothing pushing against us is, for the most part, fairly easy. What happens when we do run into problems, derailers, distractions and we get knocked off course? Having a way to balance yourself and recenter yourself is an important tool as an individual and especially important as a service-based professional or entrepreneur. Knowing the best way to quickly balance yourself is an absolute must.

Here are 4 ways we’ve found can work for many people:

Option 1: Hit the gym

Hitting the gym creates all sorts of chemical reactions and actually alters the way your brain works. In as a little as 2 weeks we can see changes in the brain from someone who regularly exercises and then stops. If you’re a high energy individual, hitting the gym is a great way to push out some of your anxiety and release some of the tension in your life giving you the chance to get back on balance.

Option 2: Meditate

If you’re always go, go, go, it might be a great idea to meditate to get yourself re-centered. For many high energy individuals, meditation is a difficult activity to explore. Try starting with 5 minutes or less and using a useful application like insight timer to help you take a step back from what’s knocked you off balance.

Option 3: Read a book, watch a movie, listen to music

When you’re consistently problem solving and putting a laser focus on what’s in front of you, it can burn you out. Books, tv, movies and music can allow you to relax some of that focus and give your brain a break. Like all muscles, if you over stimulate yourself you’ll reduce your effectiveness and it will impact all areas of your life. Giving your brain a break allows you to help find your balance again.

Option 4: Get into nature

Science has done a wonderful job exploring just how impactful getting back to nature can be. Even in an urban setting, finding a park to relax in can help in a number of ways. If you’ve found you’re off balance or unfocused then take a walk in nature, sit by the beach or walk on some grass. You’ll be amazed with how quickly this can help you get centered again and refocused on what’s important to you

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