3 Surefire Hacks To Boost Your Productivity

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Being busy doesn’t mean being productive. Too often we are all guilty of spending our time always in motion. We can call it the grind, the hustle, whatever we want, but unfortunately, calling it by a trendy name doesn’t mean that being busy is the same as being productive. If you’re looking for ways to stop being busy and start being productive here are 3 surefire hacks to boost your productivity, immediately!

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3 easy to implement hacks for productivity

 1. Prioritize and Eliminate Distractions

When we drill down to the most important things to do every day, are we doing them? Are we consistent with them? Do we do them with a focus, integrity and passion to do them as a well as possible. Many people aren’t sure, which is a sure sign that we can get better at prioritizing. Prioritizing means getting rid of the garbage. Garbage in, garbage out. Take out the trash and be intentional with our time. Time is our most valuable asset. While we are at it, eliminate the pesky distractions that derail us from putting our focus on where it matters most!

2. Outsource

We probably shouldn’t be doing that. What’s that? It’s different for each of us, but for each of us there is an intersection between talent and passion and that is where it’s often best for us to spend our time. It’s where we find ‘flow’ and the ability to deeply focus and be productive. For all the rest? Time to find someone else to hand it off to. Someone who has a talent and passion for the things you do not.

3. Automate

If it can be made into a system, it is often best for us to do just that. Automation clears out our schedule from all the tasks that leech our time. Time spends can suck away your time, your focus, and your energy. Automate when and where you can to truly boost your productivity

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