The Best Ways To Recover From Burnout Quickly

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab - The Best Ways To Recover From Burnout Quickly

75% of people admit to experiencing burnout. What most people don’t know is that recovery from burnout can last from 11 weeks to YEARS. If that’s the case it’s probably best to avoid burnout if possible and yet, if 3 out of 4 of us experience it, that may not be a real option. Today we look at the best ways to recover from burnout quickly so that we can get over it quickly and minimize the impact of burnout in our lives.

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Ok, if burnout feels almost inevitable it’s time to deal with reducing the impact. Our focus here is to offer some of the most scientifically proven and effective ways to shorten the length of time it takes to recover from burnout.

1. Get outside

Studies have consistently shown that getting outside reduces physical and psychological stress levels. If we’re burnt out, we should spend some time in nature. Generally, the more remote the better.

2. Exercise

Exercise reduces stress levels and helps us get in a better frame of mind. This is essential for getting past burnout. By being smart and working out outdoors we can reduce stress even more.

3. Remember our why and be more impactful

Getting back to why we got started in the first place will help you hit reset and recall the positive reasons you are working towards something. It will also help you recall the impact your work makes and help you focus in again on the impact. By creating impact, we recognize that we do as much for others as we do for ourselves. This is a tremendous way to help recover from burnout faster.

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