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I’ve never met a business owner that wanted to lead a poor or weak team culture. Yet so many businesses are run with cultures that are far from effective. A bad culture can lead to turnover, HR nightmares, lost revenue, and the demise of a business. With that in mind we thought we’d drop you some tips to create a positive team culture that you can implement right now!

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To create a positive culture we need to define it first! 

Step 1: Define what a positive culture means to you.

What does it look like? How does it respond to common challenges and business struggles? How does it handle adversity? How does it celebrate? How does it lift up team members? By defining a positive culture you can start to identify what if anything about your current culture you’d like to change.

Step 2: Make it about those that you serve. 

In business we serve our clients/customers, our employees, our shareholders and then, of course, ourselves. Too often we see business owners focus only on serving one stakeholder. Make sure to take a close look at your culture and try to identify if you fall short of serving any of your stakeholders. If you do, you have a place where you can quickly shift the culture more positively. Having trouble identifying this? If all else fails, make sure you are a customer first oriented business followed very closely by employees as this will solve many business issues.

Step 3: Set expectations and hold YOURSELF to them.

It’s not easy to set and hold expectations for others and it’s even harder to set and hold them for ourselves. Lead by example, take ownership and accountability for all aspects of your business and never expect an employee or team member to do something you yourself would not. Lead by example and lead with personal accountability.

Our tips were inspired by our recent podcast with Guillaume Viatr of MetaHelm, where we discuss strategic narrative and the impact on culture! You can listen in to our podcast here, or if you prefer you can also check it out on our Youtube channel right here!

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