Tips To Quickly Shift Perspective

Having perspective is a powerful tool and important to our success in business.  Quickly gaining perspective is a skill that will allow you to bring that tool to bear much more effectively and rapidly than your competitors.  In a landscape where we are competing globally it’s becoming more and more important to develop and refine skills like this to give yourself an edge.

Here are a few tips to quickly shift your perspective:

1. Read more often

Research has shown that reading leads to greater emotional intelligence and empathy.  Developing EI and empathy will enable you to quickly put yourself in ‘someone else’s shoes,’ or in other words, shift your perspective. 

2. Listen more than you speak

We are often blind to the fact that we are viewing the world and every situation we are in through our own lenses and interpretations of what is happening around us.  Listening gives the people around you an opportunity to share their perspective and will enable you to learn to shift yours much more quickly.

3. Quit trying to be right

The more open you are to conclusions that are not your own, the more likely you are to be able to shift perspectives.  Putting your ego aside can help you shift perspectives much more quickly.

Working towards these tips will give you the capability to adjust your perception quickly, identify other points of views and put you in a position to better understand the people around you. 

For more ideas on perspective, you can join us in the lab here! 

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