Our Favorite Ways To Break The Ice

Entrepreneur Mastery Lab Podcast - Our Favorite Ways To Break The Ice

Let’s face it.  Talking to strangers is uncomfortable.  If it was easy, everyone would do it!  Yet how many times have you gone to a social event and felt the awkwardness and discomfort that comes from being outside of your comfort zone? The good news is we can build our confidence and become fantastic at introducing ourselves to new people, and make them feel great too!  We just need to learn the best way to break the ice for ourselves. 

Here are a couple of really good ways to break the ice that we enjoy.

1. Ask for their opinion!

People love to talk about themselves and one of the easiest ways to engage with someone is ask for their thoughts.  One of our favorites is to make an observation about something striking or unique around you and ask their thoughts about it.

2.Use some humor! 

Most people will respond well to humor if it defuses an otherwise tense situation, for both of you.  If you’re comfortable cracking a joke, go for it!  Note of caution…not everyone will share your sense of humor so be aware of the type of joke you’re going to lead with.  

3. Compliment them!

Most people will appreciate a genuine compliment and it’s a fantastic way to disarm them while introducing yourself.

There’s a number of other ways you can break the ice, think:  pop culture, a feel good story you heard  or read about, a story about a similar situation with a positive outcome, friendly light competition.

For more ideas on breaking the ice you can join us in the lab here! 

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